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“KSHOYA” the Jamaican Media Multi-Talent…



You’ve heard of the Jack of all trades, well meet the Jill. With an impressive resume consisting of spots on Bad Boy , Atlantic and V2 Records rosters and the versatility to handle almost anything thrown at her, K-Shoya is quickly becoming well established name within the entertainment industry. As CEO of her multimedia conglomerate, K.Shoy Entertainment which provides artist development, management, promotion and showcasing among other services, this power player has given new meaning to multitasking.

Making her mark and creating a name for herself as an artist, producer, promoter, model and TV host, “K-Shoya” is ready for the takeover and the expansion of her company. The Jamaican-American female holds dear to her West Indian roots and this is evident through the trail of work that she has left behind her and the pathway she has cleared and planted for the future.

K-Shoya is hands-on in all aspects of the business and is also part-creator of “Skull Masta TV”, a Caribbean entertainment cable TV show, which she executive produces and hosts. Her down-to-earth interviewing style parlayed into co-hosting gigs for “The Jacboxer” TV show, a sports and music entertainment show, “Genetrix TV,” a reggae entertainment show; and “Street Credibility TV,” a hip-hop underground TV show. Ms. K-Shoya has interviewed several major players in the reggae game: Louie Rankin, from the movie “Belly”,  D’Angel, Barbee, and many more up-and-coming talents in hip-hop, R&B and reggae. K-Shoya has also spent time in the spotlight due to her many talents. She is an accomplished reggae and R&B artist who’s single “Tell Me” is blowing up the underground reggae scene. The proudly professed Brooklynite is also the protagonist in reggae artist: Dimon’s “Rising Stars Video,” and look out for her cameo in “Babs’” aka Babs Bunny (the female rapper from P-Diddy’s Making The Band 2 reality show) upcoming music video; she has also made cameo appearances in a host of other reggae and R&B videos. As for future endeavors up-in-coming ventures in fashion, artist A&R, and a new Caribbean TV show to broadcast on BCAT and cable networks. And as if that weren’t enough, she has added yet another avenue to her empire: she is collaborating with “Street Hype Newspaper,”— a Caribbean culture and entertainment printed newspaper in its New York division.

If you’re wondering what separates K-Shoy from others, wonder no more. Her versatility, enthusiasm and energy create a persona unparalleled and she proudly acknowledges this: “I work hard, I work fast, apply all I know and my work speaks for itself.” And with a repertoire such as hers, you are sure to get a more than satisfactory product when working with someone who applies as much as she knows to their work.


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