About K.Shoy Entertainment


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K.SHOY ENTERTAINMENT is the new Caribbean Entertainment Multi Media outlet ground for music artists, non-music talents, and companies to create and/or increase there publicity through our carefully crafted and selective artist promotion services, media, advertising, events, contests, affiliations, constructive critique and management.

Founded by C.E.O. “K-Shoya, K.SHOY ENTERTAINMENT provides Media and Entertainment promotional services for performing artists and all talents. We are affiliated with over 40 of the most recognized and hottest entertainment industry company names of today in Hip Hop & Reggae. Bringing and promoting to an audience base of over 150,000 people on a national and international level.

Based in Brooklyn K.SHOY ENTERTAINMENT, represents and embraces Caribbean & Hip-Hop heritage, culture and entertainment. Our company represents and showcases the best talents throughout New York City and the rest of the world.




K.SHOY ENTERTAINMENT presents its own media bringing you our own Caribbean Entertainment and Music Produced Cable Television shows. We have and showcase the best Video Production team, Models, Reggae Artists, R&B Artists, Hip-Hop Artists, Producers, Studios, Photographers, Magazines, Dancers, Models, Promoters, Fashion Designers, Stylists, Hair Stylists, Graphic Artists companies and much more! Our work has also been featured in other Caribbean entertainment newspapers, magazines other cable TV shows and medias. KSE also cross collaborates with several established and published media companies in the industry as well as upcoming media companies.



K.SHOY ENTERTAINMENT is here to help merge the still existing major recognized gap between the Caribbean, (Reggae, Soca, Calypso,) Hip-Hop, & R&B cultures, music, and entertainment and fuse them under one umbrella to be recognized as an equal form of entertainment throughout the world.

K.Shoy Entertainment would like to be thought of as a stepping platform for emerging artists to further establish their entertainment career to a higher level, and bringing their artist promotion to higher heights to expose their career giving them the industry media promo they need to advance establishing their career.


  • K.Shoy Entertainment Media Marketing Services
  • Artist Promotion Services
  • K.Shoy Entertainment Models Division
  • K.Shoy Entertainment Artist Department
  • K.Shoy Entertainment Events
  • K.Shoy Entertainment Artist Industry Showcases
  • K.Shoy Ent TV 


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