Madd Suh Dancers (Danc-az)


 Madd Suh Dancers has featured on:

  • Fox Five News- April 2011
  • CIN Zync TV
  • Caribbean Billboard TV and more!!



Madd Suh Dancas: A dancehall and pop dance fusion duo are here and ready now for video shoots, media appearances, interviews, photoshoots, dance shows, performances available to perform with artist on their projects, etc for bookings please contact KShoya

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K.Shoy Ent dancers above: Madd Suh Sandra & Style Dem Energy along with their dance instructor feat on Fox Five News. pic taken at Fox Five news station


Madd Suh Dancer Sandra

At a Tender  young age a star was found, Sandra (SJ) Joseph aka Real Deal from the “MADNEZZ” dance group. This Stockholm Native from Sweden could recall her victories winning battles and ripping up the stages with her many performances in school. Dancing was not that distant to her at age 11-12 she then embracing a new form of dancing. Reggae Dancehall first stole her heart; being loyal to the dancehall beats, and juggling  made her very serious with starting a dancing group at age 16. “SLIDERZZ” a team of teenager dancers ready, and amplified when on stage. It was here Real Deal realized her true calling to dancing. She can now add Hip-Hop, Poppin/waving, Krumping, and now officially Dancehall to her dancing art forms. Her style was unmatched, even her clothing has shown her many competitions both male and female that she had her own art form. It was not known to many people that Real Deal was a self taught dancer.
While many working hard to learn choreograph dance moves, Ms. Joseph was in the dance studio developing dance moves that were hardly seen or for some even new to Sweden. Her fashion sense has also leaded her to design hot dance clothes and masks that will match her very own dance style. New kinds of skills started oozing out of this young Dancehall Queen.
Evolution took a hold of her, in her late teen years. The group known as “Sliderzz” became the acclaim “Madnezz” dance group, we have grown to love. I ask her will she stop dancing, her reply was “I live and breathe dancing, it’s my life!”
Sandra AKA Real Deal  was also featured in the SWEDISH Metro Newspaper, on Oct 11, 2009. They can be found on page 17 of the PDF file. (Just Click on the link below)
Early into the summer of 2009, I was lucky to join “Madnezz” on their Performance at Stockholm’s Urban Cruise; it was the biggest and hottest event in Sweden Summer 2009. Backstage watching them sweat and preparing for their fans was a sight to see. “Madnezz” timing, dedication, and love for one another showed me how much love and team spirit they had for one another. Their professionalism and timing shown me how serious dancing was to them; even when they go hard “literally” making sure each dance move they do flows smoothly has gain their hundreds of crowded fans approval watching them live on stage. It was very breathe taking and a marvelous sight to see, if you were on board that Urban Cruise Ship, with “Madnezz”.

Some of the places where Sandra performed

Summer Jam 2007-Sweden stockholm

KUNGSTRÄDGÅRDEN UNG 08 festival (Biggest youth festival in stockholm)
URBAN CRUISE 2009 sweden/finland

ORIONTEATERN (Famous theater in stockholm)

THE Voice show (kungsträdgården) also the artist Florider and Colby etc.

En scen för sig(Nacka)
Dance Award 2008- 2009 (Solna)
Solna Vikings Basketball Game
Broadway Dance Center- 2010 New york
Madd SUh Dancer Sandra cameos in videos:

Tiana- cant talk bad about me-2010
Samboni ft chi chinh ching -Walk and talk -2010

Madd Suh Dancer Ebiere

more info coming soon…

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